I am a philosopher, working mainly in philosophy of science.  Here is a pdf of my cv:   SterrettCV2012.

This site is set up as a place to gather together remarks, talks, discussions, resources, etc., about topics in philosophy I’m working on or have worked on.   The title of the site — “matters of proportion” — refers to the fact that inferences using analogy and similarity of the sort I am especially interested in are based upon identifying relevant proportions.

The plan is for this site to contain pages devoted to topics I have worked on, including reactions by others to my work, and my responses to them:

Similarity, Analogy, and Models

Book page for: “Wittgenstein Flies a Kite:  a story of models of wings and models of the world”

Darwin (esp. Darwin’s use of analogy)

Intelligence & Automation (esp as it relates to my papers “Turing’s Two Tests for Intelligence” and “Too Many Instincts”)

and a page on Relevance Logic

As for my other interests, the plan is to discuss them on other sites:

— new trends in Compact Gardening [url to be provided]

— good writing about dogs / good journalism about canine research [url to be provided]

Energy and the environment [url to be provided]

Sustainability:  what, how, and why [url to be provided]

— the problems that victims of plagiarism in academic professions face [url to be provided]