UPDATED – comment on Sun Sentinel article “Design planned for new Florida nukes OKed as criticism intensifies” by Julie Patel

UPDATE:  Julie Patel has corrected the article.  On a Saturday morning, yet!  Thanks very much to her for that.

[I entered the comment below electronically on the Sun Sentinel’s website in the space provided for comments, but it has not yet appeared, so I am posting it here.  Sorry for the boring formalities, but it is unsettling to find my name pop up in the news and be (falsely) described as filing a lawsuit!! ]

This is Susan G Sterrett. I would like to correct a misstatement in your article.

I have not filed any legal action, nor participated in filing any legal action related to nuclear power plant construction in Florida or anywhere else. I am not a member of the AP1000 Oversight Group, nor of NC Warn, nor of Friends of the Earth, nor of any of the groups that filed legal actions to stop any nuclear plants from progressing.

Here is what I did do: I participated as a member of the public in the NRC’s process of reviewing the AP1000 design as it is considering granting design certification. I provided what I deem to be helpful information in matters of public safety and good design. I am not responsible for the statements made by anti-nuclear groups. They have attributed statements to me that I did not make. You can easily check what I have said, though.

Here is the five minute presentation on the issue that I made to the NRC, on my own: https://mattersofproportion.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/sterrettacrspresentation16august2011talktextwithslideimages.pdf

Although I am unaffiliated with the groups that filed legal action, I did refer them, and am happy to refer any of your readers, to the information on my website: http://www.mattersofproportion.wordpress.com

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