Photographic exhibit on Wittgenstein’s Life


There is an interesting post on the OLP and Literary Studies Blog on WordPress about an exhibit in Cambridge (UK) featuring photographs related to Wittgenstein’s life.   The post features an embedded video.  The video is a discussion between Michael Potter, a mathematician who is known for an excellent book on set theory but has more recently been working on an historically-informed understanding of Wittgenstein’s  Tractatus  ( ) and Michael Nedo (director of the Cambridge Wittgenstein Archive and editor of the Vienna edition of Wittgenstein’s manuscripts ) .

The URL for the post on the OLP and Literary Studies blog is:

The Cambridge Wittgenstein Archive has an information-packed site at including a lot of photographs.  I had spent a lot of time choosing photographs for my book, as my contract had specifically stated there would be a photographic section, and exactly how many photographs would be featured.  It was a rude surprise to be told, just before publication, that the publisher had decided not to spend the money on including photographs in the book.  It softens the blow to know that photographs on Wittgenstein are freely available for viewing to all on this site (though reproduction requires a fee I did not find unreasonable).  This is the site from which I obtained the photograph, and permission to use it, for the cover of my book.

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