Health effects of radiation fallout from Japan’s Fukushima accident, among others: some subtleties & some practical things you can do

In a previous post, I said that I hadn’t said too much about the health effects of the accident at Fukushima, because I knew how complicated the issue is.

Since then, I have seen a relevant interview posted by the consulting firm Fairewinds Associates. I’m posting a link to it here because it is so difficult to get good information on it (as I noted earlier, the numerical comparisons one often finds quoted are not meaningful in terms of health effects).

The video explains important distinctions, in that it explains the difference between the risk due to exposures such as a dental x-ray or an airplane flight,  and the risk due to inhaling dust that might carry a particle that came all the way from Fukushima.  It says there are practical things everyone can do, although of course there are things that public health agencies should be doing,  too.  Here is the link to the video:

“Where is all the Fukushima Radiation Going, and Why does it Matter”

Take care!

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