“No . . . Ken said that.” Does Watson get told what other players say?

One of the things I wondered about in a previous post has now been cleared up:  does Watson get to know what the other players have said? (We know that Watson cannot “hear” in the sense of picking up audio signals.)  It’s now clear, from various sources, that Watson gets told (texted) the correct responses that the other players have given. But, Watson doesn’t get told the incorrect responses that other players have offered.

That explains why Watson gave essentially the same response  (“What is the 1920’s?”) that Ken Jennings had given (“What are the 20’s?”), even after Alex Trebek told Ken that that response was incorrect.  (The clue was:  “The first modern crossword puzzle is published and Oreo cookies are introduced.”)   Stephen Baker, who wrote about the making of Watson in his new book Final Jeopardy! explains what Watson is told in this short video at Marketwatch: “Jeopardy Showdown: Man vs Machine” :  http://www.marketwatch.com/video/asset/digits-ibm-supercomputer-watson-does-jeopardy-2011-02-15/20E385A9-AA18-4869-833F-7B6DF7D720AF#!20E385A9-AA18-4869-833F-7B6DF7D720AF  ]

But what good does it do Watson to hear the correct answers other players have given?  After all, it’s too late to make any difference to answering that particular question.  This:  Watson learns from knowing what the correct answer to a previous question is.

That is all I will post for now.  I am getting over something & staying home to try and to get well, so I may not post for a few days.

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