Questions for designers of IBM’s Watson / DeepQA

PBS NOVA is having a special about IBM’s Watson tonight according to , with live blogging by IBM’s David Ferucci, David Gondek, and Eric Brown.

If you look at my last blog about IBM’s Watson competing on Jeopardy! and check out the links there, you’ll see clips and quotes from them.  Not sure why there are no women among the three IBM researchers that NOVA is featuring as live bloggers, but, oh, well.

Also, meanwhile, David Ferucci is accepting questions online and will post answers to them after the Jeopardy! show airs.  Anyone may submit a question.  Here’s the question I submitted:  “Deep Blue was built for challenging the world chess champion.  Watson/DeepQA was built for challenging the Jeopardy! champions.  Do you have any ideas about what kind of challenge might be the next logical step for IBM?”

You can submit your own questions for David Ferucci, who led the IBM Watson project, at

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